Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody

(Bolts of Melody) gets better the further Franklin gets from the blistering guitar attack of his earlier band
— Pitchfork

Adam Franklin is an English guitarist, singer, and songwriter who is the front-man of the alternative rock band Swervedriver (1989–99, 2007–present) as well as the main creative force behind Toshack Highway  (1999–2006) and currently releases records under his own name with his touring band Bolts of Melody. Franklin has released five independent studio albums in addition to three albums and two EPs under the moniker "Toshack Highway". He also sings and plays guitar in Magnetic Morning, a collaboration with Sam Fogarino from Interpol who have released an EP and a full-length album. Franklin is also a longtime member of the Sophia collective.

Schoolkids/Second Motion managed Adam for many years and released two solo records, including Spent Bullets (2009) and I Could Sleep For A Thousand Years (2010). The label also initially reissued the first two Swervedriver album, remastered on CD with liner notes from the band. Both Raise and Mezcal Head were available for limited time and reissued in 2009 in conjunction with the band’s first reunion tour.